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Ngaga Camp, Republic of the Congo

Resting in a scenic glade in the midst of untouched primary rainforest, the raised Ngaga Camp is a wonderful base for explorations in the private Ndzehe concession.

Accommodation at Ngaga consists of just six beautifully designed guestrooms that are elevated above the forest floor by stilts. The lounge, bar and dining room are also on raised decks with gorgeous views into and above the rainforest canopy. Below this you’ll find the star deck and fire pit – the perfect retreat after an evening meal. 

The camp offers its guests the incredible opportunity to track groups of habituated western lowland gorillas on foot. You’ll be in the company of a knowledgeable guide and a highly skilled tracker who will interpret tell-tale sounds and signs in order to get close to these majestic creatures. The camp sits at the point where the home ranges of several gorilla groups overlap, which allows for some excellent sightings.

Gorilla tracking may be the main draw, but you also have the opportunity to spot putty-nosed monkeys, central chimpanzees, several duiker species and a myriad of birds and butterflies. Enjoy a night walk for a chance to experience the forest after dark and discover its unusual nocturnal creatures. 

Ngaga Camp, at a glance

  • Gorilla research camp run by Odzala Discovery Camps
  • Located in the private Ndzehe concession on the outskirts of Odzala-Kokoua National Park
  • Six raised en-suite guestrooms overlooking a stream
  • Each room boasts its own 360° wraparound walkway
  • Raised dining room, bar and lounge area
  • Built from natural and traditionally used materials such as raffia palm roofing panels
  • Over 20 groups of gorillas in the area surrounding Ngaga Camp, two of which are habituated
  • Home of top gorilla researchers’ Dr Magda Bermejo and German Illera 

For leisure and pleasure 

  • Gorilla tracking on foot with a guide and tracker
  • Explore walking trails that thread through the Ndzehe Forest
  • Night walks under LED lighting
  • Bird watching in search of turacos, hornbills and more
  • See the plethora of colourful insects, seed pods, fungi and plants that abound in the forest
  • Cultural visit to nearby Ombo village where you can get an insight into life in this remote region
  • Star deck and fire pit ideal for relaxing under the starry African sky 

  • Once again the service we got from Ultimate was impeccable.

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