Republic of the Congo

be among the few who have experienced this remote rainforest wilderness

Deep in the Republic of the Congo – amongst the enchanting rainforest of the Congo Basin – you’ll find one of the last remaining refuges of the western lowland gorilla. To track these critically endangered species, and discover the wonders of their unspoiled habitat, is simply magical.

The Republic of the Congo – not to be confused with its troubled eastern neighbor the Democratic Republic of Congo – is calm, stable and steadily growing its tourism industry. The capital Brazzaville, located along the river, is a safe and laid-back city with a French colonial influence that’s still tangible.

A tailor-made vacation to the Congo is an opportunity to explore a part of world that has been virtually untouched. The Congo Basin is home to one of the largest intact rainforests on Earth, with a staggering biodiversity that includes more than 700 fish, 400 mammal, 1,000 bird and 10,000 plant species. As well as being a stronghold for the western lowland gorilla, this area supports forest elephant, leopard, bongo, hippo, forest buffalo and an array of primates.

The Odzala-Kokoua National Park, with its rich mosaic of bais, rivers, marshes and swamps, helps to protect this untrammelled wilderness. Gorilla tracking is the main event here, but you’ll also be able to explore winding forest trails, wade through clear streams and kayak on meandering rivers, giving you a chance to observe the smallest species as well as the biggest.

If you’d like to be among the few who have experienced this remote rainforest wilderness, get in touch with our Congo specialists.

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