Northern Islands (Savu Savu & Taveuni)

Rainforests above the sea and a forest of coral below

The coral barrier reef of Vanua Levu – one of the world’s longest. The tiny island resorts of Qamea and Matangi. The tropical rainforest of Taveuni with its fabulous birdlife. Don’t choose – island hop from one Eden to the next.

Choice is a wonderful thing. Especially when it includes exploring the undersea world of one of the world’s most spectacular coral reefs, followed by a leisurely tour of life above the surface – the forests, coconut groves and charming villages of Vanua Levu. Friendly people, the quaint town of Savusavu and picturesque marinas lined with white yachts.

Make the Northern Islands part of your luxury, tailor-made vacation to Fiji and you will, literally, be spoiled for choice. Taveuni, for example, is only 42 km by 15 km but it is smothered in rich rainforest – the home to some astonishing birdlife: honeyeaters, silktails and ferntails, goshawks and parrots with vivid red breasts.

Here you can bathe in tropical pools beneath cascading waterfalls, close your eyes and listen to the wild cries of tropical birds. And from here you can hop over to the immaculate beaches and rustic luxury of Qamea Island and Matangi Island resorts.

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