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Why fly Virgin Atlantic Upper Class?

So, how do Virgin Atlantic return you to an almost forgotten golden age?

You will arrive at Heathrow in your complementary limousine and pull up in a secluded area dedicated to Virgin Atlantic Upper Class passengers, separated from all other airport traffic.

A member of Virgin Atlantic’s meet and greet team will assist you with your luggage and escort you the few meters to what looks like an hotel reception to complete check-in. This is also an exclusive area for Virgin Atlantic clients, well away from the hustle and bustle of the main concourse. It’s such a smooth operation that you probably won’t notice a paving stone, similar to all the others that is a disguised weighing scales. This allows your escort to discreetly check that your bags do not exceed the weight limit, before you reach the check-in desk.


Next, it’s a 30 second walk to security clearance, and once again exclusively for the convenience of Virgin Atlantic Upper Class passengers.  

Already, the dull formality of airport arrival, check-in and security clearance gives you that reassuring feeling that you are in safe hands.

Now you're off to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. Even the most world weary traveler could not fail to be impressed. This vast open space looks and feels like the lobby of a chic metropolitan hotel. Once inside, all food, alcohol and the various amenities are complementary. There’s a deli for light snacks, a brassiere for full meals, showers, steam rooms and Jacuzzi. A salon/spa for massages, hair cuts and a choice of beauty treatments. Of course there’s a pool table, children’s play area and TV screens the size of half a house. There’s more but I’m sure you get the general idea. Each area is cleverly zoned so that one doesn’t intrude on another.


Eventually, you  will have to leave the sanctuary of the clubhouse and make your way to the departure gate. Your Upper Class seat is, as you would expect, an individual multi media pod with a lay flat bed. However, an important point on comfort is that your ‘bed’ is not the leather seat you sit on when not sleeping. The clever design of the seat allows you to sleep on a proper memory foam mattress and topper. By now, your in flight experience will be familiar to you because it is just like being back in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse.


As a Virgin Atlantic Upper Class passenger you can believe the golden age of travel has returned. It is special, it is sophisticated, it should always be this way.