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Belize experiences its dry season between January and May. During this time you can expect warm temperatures and long sunny days, especially in the north and centre of the country. The south of the country has a more tropical climate, with downpours expected at any time. This is the perfect opportunity to laze about on the beach, brave some adventure sports or explore the country’s captivating collection of Mayan ruins.

Heat and humidity levels start to rise towards the end of the dry season (April and May), whilst the weather in the Cayes District is still mostly dry. Travel to Belize during the Easter period is very popular, so we advise planning your trip as early as possible.

The wet season begins in June and ends in December. Don’t be put off visiting at the start of the wet season, as rain usually only occurs in short spurts in the early afternoon or overnight. By the end of August and in October however the rain becomes much heavier, and there is also a risk of tropical storms. Some lodges close their doors in September for maintenance. November sees both the rain and humidity begin to subside, and by December the country attracts large numbers of visitors in time for Christmas and the New Year.