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Guatemala has a wonderful climate that makes for great year-round travel. With warm days to be enjoyed throughout the year, this is the “land of the eternal spring”. Even in the rainy season, which runs between May and October, downpours are pretty much confined to the late afternoon, causing minimal disruption to your travel plans.

That said, the dry season between November and April, with its clear blue skies and sunshine, is perhaps the best time to explore and experience Guatemala’s charming villages, ancient Mayan ruins, beautiful landscapes and bustling markets. It’s also the busiest time, as well as the Christmas and Easter period.

Those travelling to the highlands can expect to be met with sunny days and cooler nights (due to the higher altitude), whilst the lowlands are typically hot and humid throughout the year. In the jungle around Tikal, short showers are expected in the afternoons. Whilst this generally doesn’t cause much disruption, heavier rainfall may result in slower road travel.

When you’re thinking about when to go, you may also want to consider the timings of Guatemala’s various festivals and fiestas which occur throughout the year. All Saints’ Day on November 1st and the colourful Holy Week in March and April are two celebrations to look out for.