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Genghis Khan Retreat

Prepare for a timeless nomadic adventure at this remote enclave of traditional Mongolian gers.
Genghis Khan Retreat

timeless nomadic adventure

Connect with one of the world’s last surviving nomadic cultures at this unique retreat surrounded by the stunning wilderness of the Orkhon Valley. Guests are invited to explore this untamed landscape on foot and on horseback, glide along rivers in kayaks and try their hand at ancient Mongolian pursuits such as archery. You’ll find natural wonders and historical sites alike on your doorstep, including Karakorum – the first capital of the Mongol empire.

Guests seeking a more serene day can choose to reconnect with daily yoga practice; try a Mongolian massage with the camp’s masseuse or even experience traditional healing rituals with the resident Shaman. Convivial family-style mealtimes showcase the best of locally sourced ingredients, replete with hand-pulled noodles, homemade breads, grilled meats and freshly caught fish. Gourmet packed lunches are provided for excursions.

Memorable nights are spent ensconced in 20 beautifully hand-painted gers fitted with wood burning stoves and cashmere bedding. Despite its remote location, these traditional comforts are complimented by levels of service you’d expect from a world-class luxury hotel.

Genghis Khan Retreat | Mongolia | small house | The Ultimate Travel Company
Courtesy of Genghis Khan Retreat

Genghis Khan Retreat

Genghis Khan Retreat, at a glance

  • Unique retreat perched atop a hill in the spellbinding Orkhon Valley National Park
  • 20 spacious and ornately painted gers with cashmere bedding and wood burning stoves
  • Traditional interiors enhanced with Mongolian accents
  • Family-style mealtimes in the dining ger showcases local ingredients
  • Combination of classic Mongolian dishes and international favorites
  • Nightly selection of wines and spirits, ranging from G&Ts to Mongolian vodka
  • 360 kilometers west of the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar

For leisure and pleasure

  • Enjoy ancient Mongolian pursuits such as archery, horse riding and polo
  • Visits to the nearby historical sites of the Silk Road
  • All-inclusive activities include kayaking and rock climbing
  • Daily complimentary vinyasa-style yoga practices
  • Indulge in ancient Mongolian spa treatments and massages at the spa
Genghis Khan Retreat | Mongolia | group of people whose biking | The Ultimate Travel Company
Courtesy of Genghis Khan Retreat


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