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Akagera National Park

An incredibly beautiful park with few visitors and a flourishing population of wildlife, including all of the Big Five, Akagera is an enchanting addition to any Rwandan safari.

Once devoid of game after years of neglect and poaching, dedicated conservation efforts in recent years (including the reintroduction of lion and black rhino) has helped Akagera National Park secure its status as a great Rwandan safari destination.

Encompassing over 400 square miles of spectacularly diverse terrain on Rwanda’s border with Tanzania, Akagera is easily one of the prettiest parks in Africa. Named after the Akagera River that flows along its eastern boundary and feeds into a series of pretty lakes, the park’s varied landscape is made up of rolling hills and valleys, acacia woodlands, sweeping savannah plains, lush marshes and papyrus swamps.

While gorillas and chimpanzees find refuge in the dense jungles of the north, Akagera provides an enchanting home to an abundance of plains game, the ‘Big Five’, Africa’s highest hippo densities and more than 500 bird species - including the rare shoebill stork. Elephant, buffalo, zebra, hyena, antelope and lion are frequent sightings on game drives, while boat safaris on Lake Ihema, Rwanda’s second largest lake, will show you hippo, crocodile and an array of beautiful waterbirds.

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Magashi Camp, Akagera National Park Akagera National Park

Just six airy tents, each with an undisturbed lake view, form this intimate Rwandan safari camp. Between activities, the raised main area beckons with its swimming pool, elegant lounge, dining and bar area. Interiors are …


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