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The Lodge at Valle Chacabuco, Carretera Austral

An eco-lodge in the pristine wilderness of the Chacabuco Valley, in an untouched part of Chilean Patagonia.

The Lodge at Valle Chacabuco is in the recently formed Patagonia Park, a private reserve in northern-Patagonia, created by conservationists Kris and her late-husband, Doug Tompkins.

180 miles from the closest airport, guests are treated to a true wilderness experience. On the gravel road into the lodge you will pass herds of guanaco and possibly even see the elusive Huemel deer, an endangered species which has gradually seen an increase in numbers since the area became protected.

The lodge itself has the feel of an upscale mountain lodge, with large fireplaces, polished beams and dark wooden furniture giving it a cosy feel. There are just six-simple-rooms each with beautiful views of the surrounding steppe. Meals are eaten in the dining room and the menu is simple but traditional, with stews, grilled meats and salads to choose from. For the evening there is a well-stocked wine cellar and guests can enjoy the beautiful clear night skies with a glass of whiskey from the bar.

Guided activities can be arranged, but most guests explore the area independently, with trails beginning directly form the lodge. Nearby is the famous Baker River, known for its fly fishing and white-water rafting. There are also other sights to explore along the Carretera Austral, including the charming town of Tortel and the marble caves on Lake General Carrera.

The Lodge at Valle Chacabuco, at a glance

  • Remote Patagonian lodge
  • Set in a private reserve in an almost untouched part of Patagonia
  • Just six rooms in the main lodge and four in a separate building
  • Eco-lodge with a cosy setting
  • Own airstrip for guests flying in
  • Excellent stop when self-driving the Carretera Austral

For leisure and pleasure

  • Explore the Patagonia Park private reserve on foot
  • See endangered wildlife including pumas and Huemel deer
  • Fly fishing on the famous Baker River
  • Take a boat to see the famous marble caves
  • Drive to the charming town of Tortel

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