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France and Monaco

Indulge yourself in a taste of France – and discover a feast of art, scenery, history, culture

travelers with discerning palates could certainly take a blindfold tour of France – identifying each different region by its fine wine and glorious food. But they wouldn’t see the celebration of art, the photogenic scenery, the historic towns…

Paris, of course, is synonymous with fine art, great sightseeing, haute couture, café culture and a social scene as diverse as life itself. But journey beyond the city and France begins to read like a menu from the world’s most distinguished restaurant. Names like Champagne, Chablis, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône, Loire and Provence trip off the tongue and please the palate. And there’s much more to France to delight the senses.

Consult one of our France experts, the appropriately named Richard French, and you could embark on a tour that stretches from the northern coastline to the southern shores and the Principality of Monaco. And along the way you’ll be immersed in a wealth of experiences. The poignancy of Picardie, for example, and the beaches of Normandy. The scenery of Brittany. The regional cheeses, wines and gourmet food of Loire, Burgundy and Alsace Lorraine. The pleasure of meandering along the deserted roads of central France, or cruising by boat along the Rhône.

And finally arriving at the Riviera’s fabulous beaches - with their 300 days of sunshine a year - and the Principality of Monaco. Home to a pulsating Grand Prix and exciting casinos, restaurants and grand hotels.

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  • Ayesha was patient and informative. Her skills became even more apparent on the vacation - such as the order of the hotels, which were each perfect for that moment.

    S and RD, Bhutan