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So diverse, so intriguing, so enchanting, so rich in sightseeing that you’ll want to stay twice

A beautiful coastline on three different seas. The meeting point of two continents. Breathtaking landscapes and a wealth or archeological and historical sights. No wonder our expert, Alison Jones, suggests staying in two Turkish bases.

In Istanbul you will be standing at the point at which Europe becomes Asia. The touching point for two continents. The very place where the Mamara Sea flows through the strait of the Bosphorus into the Black Sea. The capital city for three mighty empires

At your feet will be the awe-inspiring palaces, forbidding castles, intricate mosques, churches and monuments of Byzantium and Constantinople. History that lives alongside the swirl of a fascinating metropolis with happening restaurants, buzzing traditional markets, picturesque bridges and great nightlife.

And beyond Istanbul lie the fabled cities of Troy – one of the world’s most famous archeological sites, laying bare over 4000 years of history. Plus Ephesus: site of the Temple of Artemis (one of the Seven Wonders of the World) and the Basilica of St John.

No less inspiring are some natural wonders. The extraordinary volcanic landscape of Cappadocia, for example, with its vast balancing stones and its intriguing subway city with gates carved into a solid cliff face.

For an enthusiastic, expert insight into Turkey’s diversity, talk to Alison, one of our Turkey specialists. Ask her about the ultimate way to explore the stunning coastline – by traditional gulet sailing boat.

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