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Uniworld Cruises, Europe

Could a cruise – visiting a string of exciting destinations – be the perfect family holiday? With Uniworld’s focus on families, the answer is most definitely ‘yes’.

When you think about it, a Uniworld cruise is a real family-pleaser. Firstly there’s the excitement of sailing off into the sunset aboard a magnificent white ship. There are loads of activities on board, and any number of new friends to make. There is great food, purposely created to appeal to palates of all ages, from four to eighty four years old. There are adventures on board, as well as on the horizon, to keep the kids busy so parents can relax.

And then there are the destinations. Uniworld visits some of the most fascinating destinations on the entire continent. The tulips, windmills, cafés and art galleries of Amsterdam, for example. The fairytale castles perched high above the Rhine. The architecture of Prague, the beaches of Portugal, the concerts and operas of Vienna, the multi-spired mosques of Istanbul and the canals of Venice.

They are the places to go, here are the things to do: Biking and hiking with local guides, white water rafting and Segway riding, cable car and ferris wheel rides, amusement parks and a gladiator school (in Rome!), glass-blowing and gingerbread housebuilding, technik museums and riding schools, pasta workshops and cookery classes, medieval castles and dungeons, justice museums and ghost walks, spy games and, well, everything.

Uniworld, at a glance

  • Choice of 14 ships to take you to the coastal ports, the river towns and great cities of Europe
  • Each ship offers a different style of cruising, but most typically feature the following: very spacious staterooms and suites with en suite bathrooms and large windows or private balconies giving you ever-changing views
  • Elegant restaurants serving family-friendly food, and full service bars
  • Pampering spas and fitness centres
  • Sun decks and entertainment lounges
  • Great range of on-board activities and shore excursions to suit your family’s specific interests

Where will Uniworld take you?

  • Danube River
  • Dordogne River
  • Douro River Valley
  • Garonne River
  • Main River, Germany
  • Moselle River 
  • The Rhine 
  • Rhône River
  • Seine River



  • I am notoriously difficult to please as my work colleagues and family will attest but I have to say that the organisation from your team was absolutely brilliant. From guides to drivers it was faultless.

    MO, Vietnam