Not a plastic toy or a baby buggy in sight. The only people playing in the pool are fully grown. The conversation over dinner flows and bubbles, without being punctuated by sudden screeches.

There are now many places in the world that recognise and cater for a more sophisticated, child-free style of visitor. Some have age restrictions for children, whilst some are entirely adult-only, perfect for parents and non-parents alike.

In Brazil, for example, you’ll only find adults relaxing on the flawless white sand at Ponta dos Ganchos. The serendipitous island of Sri Lanka has Kandy House in the Sacred City and Serene Pavillions – kept tranquil by the lack of toddlers. Similarly, Bali has the Kayumanis Ubud, Sarojin Khao Lak and The Balé catering solely for the unencumbered.

In Nicaragua meanwhile, you could have a delightfully uninterrupted stay at Jicaro Eco-Lodge, on a private island, lazing in an over-sized hammock or indulging in a romantic dinner for two on a floating deck. 

So if you’re happily childless, or a parent desperate to escape, talk to our experts about a tailor-made, grown-up holiday experience.

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