Regardless of your depth of experience, diving into the waters surrounding the Belize Barrier Reef is something of an ultimate.

The clarity of the water gives you the proverbial liquid, crystal display… of a colourful city of coral, populated by fascinating marine creatures. But is it more impressive that the long-time favourite dive spots in the Maldives, Mauritius and the Seychelles? There the Indian Ocean invites you to slip into a world where turtles wander over to say a friendly ‘hello’ and you can swim with the biggest of big fish – the mighty whale shark.

The Caribbean also has its share of stunning beaches and photogenic undersea creatures; some shy, some intrepid, some downright bold. And then there’s Indonesia – a beautiful archipelago of islands that’s virtually a world within a world and includes the renowned Komodo National Park. Teeming with turtles, cuttlefish, lionfish, clownfish and shark. Or you could dive Egypt’s big blue – the Red Sea, where the exotic nature of the coral reefs belie their close proximity to Europe.

Wherever you take the plunge, talk to our experts – they’ll create you a tailor-made itinerary.