Whether you’re imagining yourselves watching the sunset from the top of a Mayan pyramid, relaxing at a luxury beach resort in Mexico or snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, we have the expertise to bring your dream honeymoon to life.

A honeymoon is one of the most enchanting holidays you’re ever going to take. Whether it involves soaking in Japan’s natural hot springs or sleeping Bedouin-style in extravagant white tents in Oman, we’ll ensure yours is full of unforgettable moments.

For the adventure-seekers, we can design a trip that includes white water rafting in Costa Rica, bear watching in Canada or hiking through Chile’s stunning Torres Del Paine National Park. Rajasthan is a feast for all the senses and perfect for couples who enjoy cultural experiences, complete with Maharajas’ palaces that have been converted into sumptuous five-star hotels.

If going off grid and relaxing on a deserted beach sounds more appealing, then a secluded resort in Sri Lanka or the Caribbean could be the perfect backdrop for a truly romantic, away-from-everyone escape.

An African safari always makes for a magical honeymoon, full of wonderful wildlife, romantic sunsets and the most luxurious tented camps with nothing but canvas between you and the bush. Kenya is hard to beat, but you can also couple Tanzania and Zanzibar for a splendid safari and beach combination.

When it comes to planning your tailored honeymoon, we will help you to explore all the possibilities, give you expert advice on seasons and take care of all the tiny details. Give us a call to get started!