You look up and there they are; proboscis monkeys. Your sense of wonderment is replaced by a question. Why do they have such big noses?

What about a horseback safari through the lush wetlands of the Pantanal, where you’ll have the opportunity for close range encounters with creatures like caimans, giant anteaters and the elusive jaguar. Or perhaps you’d prefer a game drive through the forests of India in search of tigers, leopards and sambar deer, or to come face-to-face with one of Borneo’s wild orang-utans. If you’re looking for elephant encounters, it’s hard to beat Sri Lanka’s Uda Walawe National Park.

But that’s just the creatures on dry land. How about diving into the multi-coloured undersea world of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, populated by creatures ranging from pin-sized neon fish to great leviathans like blue whales. Or cruising off to the icy wilderness of Antarctica where you’ll find orcas and penguins, humpbacks and elephant seals. If you’re an avid bird watcher, the misty cloud forests of Costa Rica will show you spectacular varieties like the scarlet macaw, harpy eagle and vibrant resplendent quetzal.

No matter where your wildlife adventure takes you, you’ll be accompanied by experienced guides and often by qualified naturalists who are experts in their regions. Talk to us about a tailor-made wildlife holiday.

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