A welcome so warm even the whales talk to you

Kayak alongside beluga whales, or watch polar bears close up in Churchill. Enjoy the bright lights of Winnipeg, or the Northern Lights of winter. Go dog sledding, or laze on a magnificent beach. Visit the Canadian Shield or endless prairies.

By Canadian standards, Manitoba isn’t that large. At a mere quarter of a million square miles it’s only…let’s see…about twice the size of Germany. In Manitoba the experiences come thick and fast and can include sitting outside in the dead of night watching that spectacular natural light show known as the Aurora Borealis, or clinging tightly onto a sled whilst its engine – a team of howling huskies – rev themselves up for a headlong plunge across the white tundra.

Winnipeg is a complete contrast to the tundra or the open plains of Manitoba. In this vivacious capital city you’ll find happening restaurants, a sizzling nightlife and, nearby, gorgeous beaches. In Churchill you’ll be in Polar Bear Capital – one of the few human settlements where you can watch wild polar bears migrating from their summer habitat to await the ice floes of winter. In Hudson Bay you can go whale watching, and listening; the belugas communicate with loud clicks, chirrups and high-pitched whistles.

Plan it carefully, and your luxury, tailor-made vacation to Canada could also include a visit to Manitoba’s famous Canadian Shield; a wooded range with stunning uplands, cliffs and crystal lakes.

Highlights of Manitoba

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