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A bit about me

I come form a charity fundraising background where I managed the Challenge and Events programmes. Just over a year ago I joined the team at Ultimate Challenges and now organise expeditions for charities and individuals all over the world. I feel very fortunate that my job combines the two things I am most passionate about, travelling and the outdoors.

When out on expeditions I really enjoy soaking up the breath-taking scenery from the top of a mountain or along routes that can only be accessed by bike or by foot. I also feel very lucky to have camped with local communities that are always so welcoming and allow us to have a real insight into life in that country.

My favourite place

New Zealand – the country is so varied and offers the most spectacular scenery and is a perfect destination to enjoy lots of activities outdoors. From skiing in the South Island, mountain biking in Wanaka to trekking the Tongariro Crossing, it is definitely top of my list.


My favourite challenge

California Bike Open Challenge – would be an incredible experience!


My most memorable experience

This has to be summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the tallest free standing volcano in the world! After four days of trekking and camping under the stars in the untouched wilderness I will never forget watching the sun rise whilst standing on the top of Kilimanjaro.

My top tips

  • If you have the time, try to extend your trip. At the end of every expedition clients always wish they had booked extra time to explore more of the country they are in.
  • When on expeditions you can never take too many spare batteries for your camera. I can promise you every corner you turn there will be breath-taking scenery, people and places you want to take pictures of.
  • When training for one of our challenges, make sure you train carrying the packed day pack you will wear when you are actually on the trip, so you can get used to the weight and size of it.