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A bit about me

I’ve always been drawn to travelling, using every spare bit of time I had to dive into the unknown of a totally new country and explore as much as possible. Whilst studying for my degree in geography, I became captured by the luxury tourism industry and its relationship to wildlife and conservation. After studying captivating orangutans in the jungles of Borneo, spending months living with the mahouts and elephants of Sri Lanka, and journeying to the secluded Fjords of Norway to run a luxury Salmon fishing lodge for the summer. It was fair to say that the travel bug was going no where fast.

My passion for Latin America grew after a trip to Mexico after graduating. I instantly fell in love with the vibrant flavours, colours and rich culture found everywhere in Latin America, and aim for my clients to return home just as entranced.

My favourite place

Latin America is so vast and varied that it’s impossible to choose just one favourite place. Right now, I would choose the ancient jungle ruins of Palenque, and the island dotted Paraty in Brazil, with its cobbled streets and kaleidoscopic doorways. However, this seems to change every time I visit another corner of South America!

My favourite hotel

Caiman ecological refuge in the Southern Pantanal. Its wildlife (and jaguar!) heaven and the perfect place to disconnect from the rest of the world, whilst sipping a caipirinha as the setting sun reflects over the wetlands.

My most memorable experience

Kayaking down the Amazon basin by full moon, the eery beauty of the amazon was completely heightened by the moonlight, plus the odd feeling of not knowing how many pairs of eyes were staring down at you!

My top tips

  • Don’t just think as transfers as a way from point A to point B. Some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen have been from out of the window of a transfer vehicle. Whether it’s a train, a plane or a car, always have your camera handy!
  • As a redhead who has often learnt the hard way when it comes to the sun, make sure you take some really good sun cream. Trust me, the Latin American sun takes no mercy as soon as you dip below factor 30!
  • Rio is far more than just Copacabana beach. Head up into Santa Theresa to walk along the cobbled streets, gaze at the colourful historical buildings and generally soak up the bohemian atmosphere.