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Aside from up in the Andes and Merida where it’s significantly cooler, the majority of Venezuela enjoys a hot, tropical climate. Thanks to its location just eight degrees above the equator, the country experiences very little fluctuation in temperature (usually hovering somewhere between 26°C and 28°C) making it a wonderful year-round destination.

That said, the dry season – which lasts between November and April – is a particularly appealing time to travel in that sees the least amount of rainfall, as well as lower humidity overall. These are the best conditions for hiking, sightseeing and experiencing the stunning Caribbean coastline. Even during the dry season, there’s always the chance of a downpour, so it’s a good idea to pack some waterproofs to be on the safe side.

The wet season in Venezuela runs from May to November, except in the jungle where rain is a virtually permanent feature. During the wet season, there can be flooding in low-lying areas including Llanos and certain Andean valleys. The waterfalls of Salto Angel, however, are particularly impressive during this time, thanks to a greater flow of water.