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The locals have a saying on Bequia. If there are more than ten people on a beach, it’s crowded. For such a small island, its welcome is warm and expansive, making it the perfect place to stop over.

If your talking to one of our specialists about creating your own, individual, dream Caribbean vacation then you’re likely to be calling into the unmissable island of Bequia. Our specialists are experts on sailing around the beautiful Grenadine islands, and they recommend this tiny droplet of paradise as a definite port of call.

Why the great enthusiasm for such a small island? Bequia is home to only about 6000 people, all of whom have a deep love of the sea and a tradition of welcoming sea-borne visitors to their shores.

And what shores they are. You can expect to find untouched white beaches that the locals consider crowded if there are more than a few people on them! As well as palm-edged beaches, the coast has tucked away marinas, diving spots and any number of places where local fishermen land their catch of the day. Fresh seafood that will be served later that evening in the brilliant local restaurants, accompanied by steel band music wafting in from one of the lively, neighbourhood bars.

We advise hiring a car and exploring the island. You’ll find turtle sanctuaries, untouched villages, seaside towns and some truly photogenic scenery.

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