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One of Costa Rica’s most magical, off the beaten track areas.


It’s also one of the most magical. Home to the wondrous Corcovado, Costa Rica’s most beautiful national park, this hidden corner of Costa Rica is nature at its finest, full of exotic plants and unique animals.

If you’re interested in exploring an unspoiled tropical paradise, then add the Osa Peninsula to your tailor-made holiday to Costa Rica. Largely undeveloped and regarded as one of the most biologically intense spots on the planet, this is the ultimate back-to-nature experience.

Protecting almost half of the peninsula, the Corcovado National Park is one of the finest parks in the country. You can expect encounters with rare animals such as tapirs, ocelots, and jaguars, whilst bird watchers have the opportunity to spot tanagers, harpy eagles, and scarlet macaws. You can even discover the nocturnal creatures of the forest on night walks with an expert guide. With such a diverse range of species, you’re virtually guaranteed a memorable wildlife experience.

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Even when you’re not searching for wildlife, exploring the park’s beautiful lagoons, isolated beaches, and swampy marshes is a pleasure in itself. If you’re looking for a unique experience you can even go on horseback rides through the jungle.

The warm, clear waters and spotless corals of Cano Island make for the ultimate scuba diving conditions. Just a boat ride away from Corcovado, you can swim alongside manta rays, barracudas, sea turtles, and the occasional white-tipped shark.

Whether your only destination or in coordination with visits to Tortuguero or the Arenal Volcano, the Osa Peninsula and the Corcovado National Park are fantastic places to visit during your trip to Costa Rica. Scroll below to learn more about this breathtaking part of Costa Rica today.

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Where do you fly into for the Osa Peninsula?

The gateway to the Osa Peninsula is Puerto Jimenez, where you will fly to when you are exploring the national park and its environs. The flight takes about one hour from San Jose. If you are staying at Playa Cativo across the bay, flying to Golfito is easier, with a similar flight time.

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How many nights do you need for the Osa Peninsula?

Anything less than three nights would be too few to explore the natural wonders of the national park. To make sure you can get out and the see the natural beauty and biodiversity of the region we recommend four or five nights. True animal lovers should set aside a good chunk of the trip to explore the Osa Peninsula.

What is the best month to visit the Corcovado National Park?

The best time to visit the area is in the heart of the dry season between January and April. The heavy rains of the wet season can make it difficult to spot wildlife and get out on the jungle walks that are crucial to enjoying the area. The dry season begins in November, but to have a better chance of good weather going to the area later than this is recommended. You can visit the area all year round though, if you don’t mind being wet!

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