Peter Lauritzen

Historian, author and lecturer, Peter Lauritzen, has lived in Italy since leaving Princeton University with a Fulbright Grant for study in Florence in 1962.  A resident of Venice for many years, he has written Venice: A Thousand Years of Culture & Civilization, Palaces of Venice, Villas of the Veneto and Venice Preserved as well as the official UNESCO report.  He has lectured in Europe and the USA and led tours specialising in Flemish and Dutch art, Imperial Russia, the Iberian peninsula the Holy Roman Empire and classical antiquity.

Douglas Skeggs

Douglas Skeggs read Fine Art at Magdalene College, Cambridge and since 1980 has been a lecturer on the history and techniques of painting.  He has made several art documentaries and written and advised on many more.  An accomplished painter in his own right, three one-man exhibitions of his paintings have been held.  His biography of Monet, River of Light: Monet’s Impressions of the Seine, sold 65,000 copies, and he has also written several novels.  Over the years he has accompanied numerous tours across Europe.

Nigel McGilchrist

Art-historian Nigel McGilchrist has lived in Italy, Greece and Turkey for over 30 years. He has worked as a writer and academic in Europe and in America and is much in demand as a speaker and guest lecturer. He is the author of the Blue Guide to the Aegean Islands and of the 20 volumes of McGilchrist’s Greek Islands.