Family holidays. Made for sharing. Watching one of your children discover something for the first time is akin to re-living the experience yourself.

When The Ultimate Travel Company creates a tailor-made family holiday, we naturally build-in all the elements that ensure each member of your family has a great time. The ‘something for everyone’ principle.

Stunning beaches and great hotels are always high on the list. So is the unusual and the adventurous – especially with boys up to about 65 years old. And it’s fair to assume that local markets, shops and craft factories will appeal to your girls.

But our family holidays go further. Our tailored itineraries can include sightseeing that gives your whole family a palpable sense of history. Or wildlife safaris that instill a sense of wonderment. Or activities that induce tired happiness. Or local festivals that remain in your memory – and your photo album - for years to come. We think a family holiday is a sensation to be shared.