ancient Buddhist temples, colonial-era churches and impressive monuments to discover

Often passed over as simply an entry and exit point to Sri Lanka, stay a while in Colombo and you will be surprised at how much this cosmopolitan capital has to offer.

With an array of ancient Buddhist temples, colonial-era churches and impressive monuments to discover, Colombo is not lacking in historical and cultural highlights. Delve into the city’s history by exploring The Fort, Cinnamon Gardens and Pettah districts, or spend an afternoon tracing the events of ancient Sri Lanka in the National Museum of Colombo.

Standing in contrast to the crumbling historical buildings, the Galle Face Green is a charming open promenade that runs along the coast. Built back in 1859, today it is a lovely spot to relax by the sea. Alternatively, you can make your way to the downtown area to browse bustling street markets where colourful stalls sell everything from textiles to jewels.

A highlight of any stay in Colombo is the food. The city is full of superb little eateries where you can sample a variety of local delicacies - egg hoppers are a must-try! With it’s buzzing atmosphere and characterful streets, Colombo is the perfect place to kick off (or end) your vacation in Sri Lanka. Contact our team today for a tailor-made, luxury itinerary.

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