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A region of waterfalls, wild green forests, volcanoes and deep glacial lakes


Stretching between Temuco and Puerto Montt, the Lake District’s alpine beauty is often compared with that of Switzerland. Its scenic highlights include vast expanses of water and snowy volcanic peaks, interspersed by flowery meadows and forests of monkey puzzles. It’s home to the native Mapuche, Chile’s largest indigenous group, and the opportunity to experience their strong cultural heritage first hand.

Fit for gentle hikes and serene cruises, Chile’s Lake District is also a place for those who yearn for adventure.

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Just outside the adventure hub of Pucón in the north, &Beyond Vira Vira is one of the finest hotels in the region. Temuco is the closest airport to transfer to, although they have a helicopter that can pick you up and fly you over the spectacular, volcano-studded landscape. Once here, you can brave rushing rapids on the fast-flowing Liucura River, hike with a guide into the pristine Huerquehue National Park or even scale the slopes of the active Villarrica Volcano.

The southern town of Puerto Varas is another prime location for enjoying an array of activities, as well as offering outstanding views of the twin volcanoes Osorno and Calbuco. From here, take day trips to the world-renowned Vicente Perez Rosales National Park and Chiloé Island – an intriguing place steeped in folklore and centuries-old tradition.

After a long day’s adventure, few things are more relaxing than soaking in one of the region’s steaming volcanic hot springs.

Chilean Lake District | Volcano | Ultimate Travel Company


Why is the Chilean Lake District famous?

Undoubtedly one of the most visually spectacular areas in Chile, the Lake District is also famed for its indigenous Mapuche culture, its handicrafts and its rich folkloric tradition – especially in places like Chiloé Island.

How do I get to the Chilean Lake District?

Temuco and Puerto Montt are the two main gateways. If you’re staying in the northern Lake District, you would fly to Temuco (around a one hour flight from Santiago) and transfer to your lodge. If you’re staying in the south, you would fly into Puerto Montt.

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What is the best time of year to visit the Lake District?

Much like Patagonia to the south, the Lake District is best visited between November and April, the height of the Chilean summer and autumn. Unless you are a massive rain enthusiast, we would avoid anytime between May and early September. October and March/April are the two shoulder seasons, which is also an underrated time to visit Patagonia and therefore perfect for combining the two. See more advice here.

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Chilean Lake District | Chile | Ultimate Travel Company


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