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Kalahari Plains Camp Wilderness Safaris

There is nothing ‘plain’ about the experience. Vast grasslands stretch across the horizon, punctuated by places like Deception Valley and Sunday Pan.

You walk through the valley, towards tree islands and a shimmering thread of water. Then you realise that what you thought was a river, is actually a mirage. And you understand how the dry riverbed of Deception Valley earned its name. You scan the plain surrounding your camp and it looks empty, then you realise you’ve looking at lion, or brown hyena, slinking through the grass.

Kalahari Plains Camp is full of surprises. During the summer you may see rare black-maned lion, cheetah, blue wildebeest, black-backed jackal, bat-eared foxes, wild dogs, leopard, steenbok, hartebeest, giraffe and meerkat.

In the winter, the landscape surprises you by transforming into a scrubby desert, which concentrates the wildlife around the watering holes. Roaring lions, barking geckos and over 220 species of recorded birds are ready to fill your camera’s memory. And your own.

Kalahari Plains Camp, at a glance

  • Superb location in the northern end of one of Africa’s largest protected reserves
  • Choice of 10 raised canvas safari tents on wooden decks
  • En suite bathrooms
  • Raised sleep-out platforms for star-gazing and sleeping beneath the sky
  • Astounding plains views
  • Excellent meals served in the dining lounge area
  • 100% solar powered

For leisure and pleasure

  • Sun-warmed swimming pool
  • Game drives to follow the seasonal wildlife
  • Intuitive bushman walks with indigenous guides with unique generational knowledge and insight
  • Rich game watching experience that varies with the seasons
  • Brilliant birding including vultures, bustards, sandgrouse, shrike, waxbills, sparrowlark and monay more – over 220 species
  • Excursions to Deception Valley and Sunday Pan
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  • Ayesha was patient and informative. Her skills became even more apparent on the holiday - such as the order of the hotels, which were each perfect for that moment.

    S and RD, Bhutan