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The weather in Mexico can vary greatly from region to region, so when you should go will likely depend on where you want to go. Generally speaking, the best months to visit are between November and April (the dry season), when the country experiences the least amount of rain.

December to February is Mexico’s coolest period, however temperatures across the country remain warm – perfect for sightseeing or spending time on the beach. Mexico City and the Yucatan Peninsula are at their best during this time, especially in the last couple months of the dry season when there is plenty of sunshine. For those keen to spot migrating whales off the coast of Baja California, we recommend travelling between January and March.

The wet season arrives in the south of Mexico in May, and slowly makes its way up north. Temperatures remain high, ideal for relaxing by the sea, and showers tend to only occur in the afternoon. The Maya Riviera is at its peak in July, with hot days and pleasant evenings after the rains clear the humidity. October marks the last month of the rainy season.

It’s good to keep in mind that Mexico’s hurricane season runs from June to November – at its peak between August and October – which can impact weather along the coast.