Now more than ever, we’re yearning for more remote holiday destinations. Far-flung corners of the globe where you can leave the cities (and crowds) behind and rekindle your sense of adventure.

You could find yourself all the way out in Chile’s sparsely populated Aysén region, reconnecting with nature amidst the beautiful fjords and snow-topped mountains. Soaking up the untouched culture of Bhutan’s secluded valleys. Cruising past penguins in the faraway, icy reaches of Antarctica. Or enjoying splendid isolation on a tiny, tropical island in the Maldives.

We handpick the most exclusive lodges and boutique hotels where you can really lose the crowds, from the remote safari camps of Nomad Tanzania to Australia’s luxurious Arkaba Homestead (here, guests number just 10 amidst 60,000 acres of pure wilderness). As well as being great places to escape the bustle of modern life, many of these properties are eco-focused with on-site conservation projects that you can actively take part in during your stay.

So, whether you want to find solitude in the African bush, go off-grid in North America or discover the far-flung corners of Asia, our experts can help you plan your perfect remote getaway.