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I have always loved animals and nature, I did a degree in Zoology and ended up doing a couple of expeditions to Madagascar and Tanzania which gave me a taste for travel. After my degree I ended up taking off to Asia with my backpack for 6 months but in the end I was away from home for nearly 2 years. After that I was fairly sure that I wanted to work in travel and have travelled to most continents with the job. My ideal holiday is a week of arduous trekking in the mountains followed by a few days lying on the beach with a good book, warm sun and, preferably, a lovely hotel. I have also loved the expedition cruise-style holidays to the Antarctic and Arctic.

I like the job because it’s great being able to send people to the places you love. People also tend to get quite excited about going on holiday so it is nice to be involved with the more fun side of people’s lives. Obviously the travel opportunities make a difference and you always tend to find yourself working with like-minded people!

My favourite place

Toss up between the Arctic and Galapagos – both are about being out in nature and being surrounded by wildlife. Being on a boat also gives you a great sense of being in the middle of nowhere. I also love going somewhere where there is no internet and mobile phones don’t work (this applies to both places).


My favourite hotel

Bahia Bustamante in Patagonia. Totally wild – about 1.5 hours just to get a pint of milk. It is right on the beach with sea lions penguins, wildlife everywhere – true escapism! Lovely food and wine too!


My most memorable experience

Spending two magical hours watching a polar bear and her two cubs in the Arctic.


My top tips

  • Try to forget about the internet, mobile phones and being in touch with home – preferably go to one of the few places left in the world where you can’t access it so you’re not even tempted!
  • Often worth paying a bit extra to get the rooms with views.
  • People tend to focus on going to Patagonia in the summer but Autumn (late April/early May) is spectacular!
  • Get up early and get the 5.30am bus up to Machu Picchu to be the first ones there.
  • Sara could not have been more knowledgeable or helpful. She was very responsive and really listened to what we wanted.

    MN, Ecuador & Galapagos 2014