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A bit about me:

I am originally from Cape Town but moved to London over 20 years ago and caught the travel bug, I love exploring new cultures, tasting new foods and marvelling at the beauty of this wonderful planet we call home.

My favourite place

My favourite place other than my home town would be the Maldives, the whitest beaches against the bluest sea and amazing snorkelling is a winning combination for me. Other than the Maldives, I love the Far East with the mixture of temples, beach and amazing food as well as the Caribbean for its wonderful laid back charm.

My favourite hotel

My favourite hotel would be Sugar Beach Viceroy in St Lucia, The setting is just incredible with amazing views of the Pitons along with wonderful snorkelling a great beach and incredible food.

My most memorable experience

Observing the amazing wildlife in the Galapagos, seeing the pure innocence and trust in their eyes just melted my heart and made me realise how this world was meant to be.

My top tips

My advice to anyone is don’t put off your dreams, tomorrow is not guaranteed so enjoy every minute while you can, you only have one life.